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Protect what matters most

How it works

Your vehicle is a hotbed for germs and other harmful odor-causing microbes. That’s why you need XMicrobe™ interior protection from Xzilon®. We have you covered for up to five years of continuous resistance to stains, odors, and microbes. With an XMicrobe™ protective layer, your vehicle’s interior surfaces are more easily cleaned. Food, grime, mold, dirt, and virtually any sticky substances wipe away quickly.

XMicrobe™ is water-based and environmentally friendly. Completely free of VOCs and CFCs, XMicrobe™ does not contain or release any harmful chemicals into the environment. Once applied, it covalently bonds to both hard and soft interior surfaces, providing a superior protection barrier. XMicrobe™ can be used on all types of vehicles, including automobiles, mass transit, marine, and aviation.

Benefits at a glance

✔ EPA-registered and environmentally friendly

✔ Continuous antimicrobial, stain, and odor protection

✔ Lasts up to five years

✔ Makes cleaning a snap

✔ Works on all interior surfaces

✔ Resists harmful odor-causing microbes

✔ Aviation grade

✔ Completely safe and non-flammable

✔ Almost self-sanitizing

✔ No VOCs or CFCs

✔ Made in the USA

Frequently asked questions

XMicrobe™ originated at Dow Corning with the help of Dr. Curtis While and was developed for the aerospace industry. It is essentially a modified sand molecule with a silane bonding agent and is as harmless to the environment as sand. Our formula creates a semi-permanent bond with the surface, much like super glue. Once applied, it instantly destroys micro-organisms and creates a durable antimicrobial barrier for long-term protection. It is highly durable, long lasting and EPA registered.

Xzilon® XMicrobe™ is water-based, non-toxic, and completely safe for use around children and pets. Xzilon® XMicrobe™ is long-lasting and will not rub off onto the skin. Our environmentally friendly, nanotechnology product disinfects and kills odors while creating a semi-permanent layer of stain protection on treated surfaces. Xzilon® XMicrobe™ is registered with the EPA and has a 30-year history of safe, proven effectiveness.

Xzilon® XMicrobe™ is the best way to protect yourself and those you love from harmful bacteria. Xzilon® XMicrobe™ is 99.99% effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. It bonds instantly to virtually any surface and provides unsurpassed protection. Xzilon® XMicrobe™ reduces cleaning costs and eliminates the need to purchase expensive sanitizing products for repeated use. Xzilon® XMicrobe™ reduces cleaning time and can significantly increase the resale value of your vehicle.

Largest Ambulance Manufacturer in the United States: XMicrobe is used exclusively by the largest manufacturer of rescue vehicles, to disinfect and treat ambulances, police cars and fire trucks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: After three players tested positive for MRSA, Xzilon® XMicrobe was used to treat the training facility and stadium. In fact, Xzilon® technology actually saved a Sunday football game that would have otherwise been canceled due to the infection outbreak.

2014 Ebola crisis in Texas: Xzilon® XMicrobe was used to treat the ambulances that were contaminated after transporting patients who were later confirmed to have tested positive for the Ebola virus.

Companies such as Boeing/Delta/Net Jets/GulfStream have all used our products. As recently as September 2017, XMicrobe was used to disinfect areas contaminated with the Norwalk and Noro viruses.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: In a joint study conducted by a major carpet retailer, Certified Testing Labs, and Dow Corning, the durability of Xzilon® technology was evaluated on nylon carpet samples installed at the airport. After 35,000 people had walked on the carpet, and after 20 cleanings, the treated samples were still actively protected.




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