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Exterior Paint Protection

The difference is strength.

How it works

Originally designed for the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry, Xzilon® Exterior Paint Protection is a permanent carbon polymeric coating. Once applied to a painted exterior surface, it provides exceptional resistance to chemicals, abrasives, and the damaging effects of weather and environmental contaminants. Specially formulated to prevent buildup, Xzilon® Exterior Paint Protection instantly covalently bonds to external painted surfaces and provides a protective coating that gives the vehicle the best protection possible. Contains no VOCs or CFCs.

Benefits at a glance

✔ In use, completely safe for adults, children, and pets

✔ Environmentally friendly

✔ Non-flammable and low-odor

✔ Provides unsurpassed protection

✔ Safe for all surfaces

✔ Ultra high-gloss finish

✔ Protects at temperatures up to 700° F

✔ Resists acids (unlike Teflon and silicones)

✔ Lasts for years with little or no buildup

✔ Quick and easy touch-up

✔ Made in the USA

Frequently asked questions

Xzilon® Exterior Paint Protection is a boron-carbon composite polymeric coating developed with the help of Dr. Curtis White for the aerospace industry. This nanotechnology material exhibits properties of glass and polycrystalline, including very high hardness and strength. Xzilon® Exterior Paint Protection provides exceptional resistance to temperature and corrosion. Our formula creates a glossy, protective membrane of carbide-like material that covalently bonds to the vehicle’s finish, much like super glue. Like super glue, Xzilon® products will not break down or peel away from the surface — no matter how many trips you take through the car wash. The result is a protective coating that seals out oxidative elements such as acid rain, bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, and road salt, while sealing in a deep glossy shine.

Exterior Paint Protection is non-toxic, and in use, completely safe for adults, children and pets. Unlike consumer-grade products, Xzilon® Exterior Paint Protection does not wear off the surface after application. Contains no VOCs or fluorocarbons.

Xzilon® creates a semi-permanent barrier between your paint and the outside world. Years ago, when lead was removed from auto paint, the paint lost softness, flexibility and luster. The powder coated paint used today is a fraction of the thickness that paint used to be! Using Exterior Protection adds back the softness, flexibility and luster so when dents do occur, (much less frequent with Exterior Protectant applied) they can be repaired more easily without chips. It gives the paint flexibility and durability. Exterior Protectant provides long term protection on treated surfaces, shielding your vehicle from degrading. It leaves an anti-static finish which repels dirt, dust and pollen and almost self-cleans! Exterior Protectant reduces car washes by over 50% and most corrosive elements can be simply rinsed off. Enjoy a higher resale value – 15% to 20% higher price for treated cars. On a $60,000 investment, that’s a gain of $12,000. Protect your car against dings, dents, bird drops, acid rain, exhaust, UV light, sand, grit, and other types of wear and tear.

Xzilon® Exterior Paint Protection can be applied to virtually any type of surface and has gained acceptance across a wide range of companies and industries, including the aerospace industry. A version of this product has been used in the Indianapolis 500 and America’s Cup to protect paint finishes and reduce drag.




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