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Windshield + Glass Modifier

Improve safety and visibility. Reduce chips and cracks.

How it works

Although glass looks and feels smooth to the touch, the surface looks much different under an electron microscope. Glass surfaces are surprisingly rough and bumpy with millions of tiny indentations or “pits.” While not visible to the naked eye, these microscopic imperfections are one reason why glass is so fragile and why glass windshields often distort our vision — especially at night when the effects of night blindness occur.

Windshield + Glass Modifier is a unique product that forms a permanent covalent bond with glass surfaces. As it adheres to the surface, it fills in the millions of tiny indentations with a fast-drying, liquid polymer. The result is a strong, scratch-resistant surface with significantly less light refraction. This same technology is used in mobile devices, allowing thinner, clearer, and scratch-resistant glass.

Why you need it

Modern automotive glass is lighter and softer than conventional window glass. While lightweight glass increases gas mileage, the trade-off is greater susceptibility to damage from road and environmental hazards. These hazards can easily chip, scratch, and reduce visibility. Xzilon ® Windshield + Glass Modifier solves this problem by affixing a tough, perfectly smooth polymer coating to the surface. This increases the strength, durability, and clarity of the glass, resulting in a surface that resists dirt and cleans easily. Xzilon ® Windshield + Glass Modifier actually “sheds” water and aids in anti-icing properties. This product helps prevent glass degradation, which reduces the effects of night blindness.

Benefits at a glance

✔ Works on any glass surface

✔ Improves safety

✔ Permanent bond

✔ Long-lasting protection

✔ Environmentally safe

✔ Increases glass strength

✔ Reduces the effects of night blindness

✔ Reduces chips and scratches

✔ Reduces refraction and glare

✔ Made in the USA

Frequently asked questions

Xzilon® Windshield + Glass Modifier was originally developed by Dow Corning Corporation for use in the aerospace industry. This product consists of a modified sand molecule coupled with a silane bonding agent — similar to super glue, but as harmless to the environment as sand on a beach. Windshield + Glass Modifier physically bonds to any glass surface on a molecular level, creating a durable barrier that resists scratching and chipping. The result gives glass an extremely smooth surface that repels water, ice, snow, dust, and grime, and also reduces night glare and refraction. It also strengthens glass, providing an extra layer of protection from environmental damage.

Xzilon® Windshield + Glass Modifier is water-based, non-toxic, and completely safe for use around children and pets. Unlike consumer-grade products, Windshield + Glass Modifier does not wear off the surface after application. It is the only non-flammable hydrophobic coating on the market.

Xzilon® Windshield + Glass Modifier makes your windshield resistant to environmental and road damage, such as from rocks, hail, or sandstorms. It can extend the life of your windshield and help you avoid expensive windshield replacement. A study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found that hydrophobic coatings like Windshield + Glass modifier can increase windshield visibility by 34 percent. Unlike other coatings, Xzilon® products will not wear off — no matter how many trips you take through the car wash. Our exclusive formula resists water, snow, ice, and grime, and makes cleaning or clearing your windshield a breeze.

Xzilon® Windshield + Glass Modifier can be applied to virtually any type of glass and has gained acceptance across a wide range of industries. These include aviation, emergency services, marine, construction, automotive, recreational vehicle, and motorcycle.




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